Friday, July 4, 2014

Preffered Customer vs One Time Purchase

People love the products that Nerium has to offer - there's no question on that, but one question that I get over and over again is should I sign up as a preferred customer or just buy one time. And if I do sign up as a preferred customer what exactly does that mean?!?

So here's the deal - preferred customer is the way to go - hands down! Here are the reasons why:

First off - it's just cheaper! Let's just say that you wanted to get the Nerium Ultimate Combo Pack. That would consist of NeriumAD Night and Day Creams and Nerium Firm Body Contouring Cream - the whole body package! As a preferred customer this would cost you $150/month. If you bought these products at the one time price it would be $165 for the Night and Day and $98 for the Firm - that's $263! A difference of $113!

Second - As a preferred customer you can get products for FREE! If you refer 3 friends who also become preferred customers under you then you stop paying for your night cream - that's a savings of $80 just for sharing with your friends what you already love! Until the end of August 2014 there is also a promotion where after 2 auto-delivery shipments your day cream is FREE for LIFE!!!  That means that you can get the Nerium Ultimate Combo Pack for just $30/month! Can't beat that!

Third - 30 day money back guarantee!!! Let's face it, not all products are for all people, for whatever reason. You can still sign up as a preferred customer, use the products, and return the bottles within 30 days of ordering and get your money back! As they say - you've got nothing to loose but wrinkles! :)

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